Dentistry for Children in Singapore

Dentistry for Children

Assisting you in the care of your child

A child’s curiosity or terror of the dentist is heightened by the tales they have heard from family and friends. Family Dental Centre offers extra care and regard while treating children under 12. Our dental facilities in Singapore are manned by a group of dentists specializing in pediatric dentistry. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a simple surgery to remove a decayed tooth or a long-term braces treatment; our dentists treat youngsters with care, sympathy, and understanding.Learn more about Dental Clinic Kids.

Preventing cavities and other oral health issues for children and adolescents is a priority for our dentists

Metal or ceramic braces, as well as Invisalign®, are available at our practice. If a child’s teeth or bite are misaligned, basic braces or detachable braces may be used to straighten them without requiring bracket braces. The therapy will be completed more quickly if these problems are discovered and addressed sooner rather than later.

Primary or permanent teeth may break as a consequence of a freak accident. No need to be alarmed! All our clinics have emergency slots available so that patients can get care immediately.

dental clinic kids

Dentistry without intervention 

Preventative measures are better than cures. Consequently, we will tailor the therapy to your child’s needs to prevent cavities from developing.

Diet Good eating habits and dietary preferences are developed early in life, and counseling and adjustment may help. Obesity, bad health, and even tooth decay are all consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. Our pediatric dentists stress the need for a healthy diet to maintain good dental health.

Tooth decay can be prevented, teeth can be strengthened, and sensitive teeth may be avoided with professional fluoride treatments.

When is the ideal age for my kid to see the dentist for the first time?

When a child’s teeth begin to emerge, they should consult a dentist. Even if treatment isn’t required at this young age, introducing the kid to regular dental care can help guarantee that they have no anxiety about going to the dentist. Your child’s future dental health will also be protected by teaching you how to maintain good oral hygiene and take preventative steps.

Why is it necessary to begin oral care so early?

Dental checkups at a young age help children bond with their dentists and develop healthy oral hygiene habits early on. Early infancy tooth decay or dental decay induced by a milk bottle may lead to repeated fillings or extractions in young children. A dentist can show you how to protect your youngster from this potentially harmful disease.

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